Dianne Testa:  National Speaker & Professional Dental Consultant
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Dianne's Services:
With over 15 years of experience as an Infection Control Speaker, combined with her involvement in OSAP, Dianne is capable of providing you and your staff with a comprehensive and customized OSHA consultation to meet the unique needs of your office.  She also utilizes a 40 point checklist when conducting the on-site examination of the sterilization area.  These services in addition to her customized compliance manual, power point media, overview of the latest guidelines and regulations, and trainings for new employees will be a valuable asset to your staff and office.

The purpose of this course is to present and provide the regulations and to educate consumers about the recommended procedures for working with radiation sources.  Through this training your staff will be better protected as will, your clients, and the community.  Dianne will provide you with a program assessment, a demystifying site inspection, and answer any questions about citations or any other concerns that you may have.  She will prepare and provide quality assurance manuals, radiation safety officer work books and yearly audit forms.  Upon completion of this course your staff will be more efficient, understand the current  laws, and the importance of safety when working with radiation sources.

With over 30 years in dentistry and awards for her service (Minnesota's Outstanding Hygienist 2000) Dianne's hygiene consults are not only educational and informative but they are also enlightening.  During her on-site consultation she will conduct a program assessment as well as an analysis of the re-care system and of the hygiene production.  She can also offer hands on training in:
* Ultrasonic Technique
* Perio Debridment
* Instrument Sharpening
* Local Anesthesia
* Treatment Planing
* Case Presentation
Products that will be utilized during this consult are dental hygiene manuals, scripting books, media and flow charts for periodontal protocols.